Your inner force will carry you

It is coming back to me every day

The strength of the inner force

You have a huge amount of force inside you are carrying with you and which helps you to overcome the most difficult events in life. Even when you think it’s all gone….you’ll find some spare left in a little corner which will save you. Remember this and stay strong. You can do it!

I posted this message at Instagram yesterday, and realised I should post it here as well. It is so important to realise your inner force will never leave you during life.

So I will emphasise again: trust your own power. Trust you will be able to use it at the right moment, in the right way. And the most beautiful thing of it is, according to me, your personal power in life increases after surviving difficult times.

Keep strong. And keep your head up.

De Gans

Something about your inner force
Trust your inner force

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