When do you fail?

It is better to fail

failing to try.

-The Goose-


In my opinion you must give it a shot when possible.

If you think you cannot do something, and you refuse trying it, you failed even before doing it. If you try and fail, you were right, but it might be possible you realise you need some more practise and after that you will be able of doing it. Maybe you find out you simply are not able of doing it. Is that such a drama? Now you know for sure you can’t.

What about if you try and do not fail?

In this case, you can do more than you thought before. You have enrichened your life.
When I was younger, I thought I could not sing. But once I opened my mouth in public when I needed to sing at school, I realised I was able to sing. And I was able to touch people’s hearts with my voice.
I did not go to the conservatory, but I had many lessons in singing and I still love doing it. Nowadays, I simply know I can sing.

Writing? Or even probably even more difficult, speaking modern foreign languages? I never thought I could do it.

But I started writing years ago, and people told me to continue. Furthermore, and I simply started to chat in other languages. As a result, lots of people still ask me for translations in various languages, however I once thought I never would have been possible of doing that. And my blog…it is a simple result of my daily figments on nowadays digital paper.

I tried to do math, but I failed.

And I keep on failing, even when trying again and again. I am afraid I am just very stupid on the mathematical level. Sometimes I think I married my husband for his huge compensation of my lack of math. And contrariwise his eyes fell on me because of my language skills. My husband is a scientific mathematician who earns his money by developing the most complex calculations to determine risks of various investments of business money. But also, despite of all his university degrees, he once has had doubts about his own abilities.

Nowadays I know what I am capable of.

I know on which parts I can grow. And I know there is always room for more.

So please never give up. Keep on trying and keep on practising. You will love what you will become.

De Gans



Pictures: Pixabay

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11 thoughts on “When do you fail?

      1. Dat is lief Marije 🙂 .Ik vind ook echt dat we trots mogen zijn op al die dingen die we toch proberen en waarbij het resultaat (bij mij zeker 🙂 ) nogal eens merkwaardig uitpakt. fijne avond, Hanneke

          1. Dank je 🙂 .Dingen waarvoor we eens genietend trots in die spiegel mogen kijken 🙂 .Jij schrijft liefdevol. lieve groetjes, Hanneke

    1. Het begrip ‘falen’ is volgens mij niets anders dan het uitdrukken van de angst voor menselijk onvermogen. Angst is een gevoel. Dus het bestaat feitelijk alleen in je hoofd.
      Maar … geloof niet alles wat je denkt …
      En dan heb je gelijk 🙂 <3 xxx

      1. Juist…. in combinatie met het jezelf bepaalde ‘eisen / verwachtingen’ opleggen.

        Als je dat doet wat je graag wilt, of dat wat je ‘moet’ naar beste vermogen dan is het meer dan goed genoeg.

        De Engelsen zeggen het zo mooi ‘cut yourself some slack’..


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