What would the mountains tell us if they could?

I was sitting in a cave.

To escape from a mad world with temerarious human decisions. To escape from vulgarity and superficiality. To look for love, for peace. Which was in my heart, but my heart was not that irrespective to shout out my feelings over an unresponsive world or to conquer other human beings with my thoughts and beliefs. Besides, my heart would not have been heard, as the roughness outside was simply too loud… So I stayed there, hidden in my cave. And I just thought. No person has been repudiated for only thinking in complete silence. No one can take your thoughts away… They can harm your body, they can brainwash you. But they never can take your own thoughts away. They always remain in the deepest antrum of your own brain. Waiting to be found again. Always.

In my cave there was a gap. Like a window that gave me the possibility to look at the world outside, lying in the valley, low beneath my feet.

I am an outdoor person.

It does not feel comfortable being in a cave. But the world…the strange things happening there. A voting system on another side of an ocean which became some kind of hilarious, but almost impossible to be taken serious, event, while the whole world made itself dependant on it… People shouting superficial calls, just uncritically repeating another men’s yells, without feeling the words wich where coming over their dried and angry lips, rolling over their tongues, without thinking about what they really were announcing.

But my cave was safe. It was my shelter, my place to feel peace. To be decorated with my own pictures of how beautiful life could become.

I glided towards the gap to have a better look at the world outside. Because I was located so high, I had a great overview over the world. I suddenly remembered I was not on the other side of that ocean or between the protesting crowd elsewhere in the world.
I was just in my cave, far away from all noises and quarrels. In peace, with myself, with my own paintings on the walls.

I saw the mountains.

I gave them a better look. I opened my eyes. They were there, solid, trustworthy, faithfully. They suffered from extremely changing temperatures, from hurricanes and the most destructive thunderstorms. And still they are there. In place. In my view.

What would those mountains tell us. They where there. Century after century they survived stupid human actions, dull human decisions and the violence of the changing weather conditions. Time after time….

They would tell us it does not matter so much. We are only human. We are one ‘us’. We are just small, minor creatures, which have become slightly narcissistic because we have a bit more brains….

About our brains…

Let’s start to use them properly. To think about what we really want. To think what we want to achieve by living our life. To make a change. Not that much for the world, but for ourselves, as human beings. To unite instead of emphasizing our differences and to end in a polarized situation with growling groups each on another side of the original believe where we all started.
Let’s start to use our brains to become one human race, in peace with the world. Not to conquer the mountains. But to conquer ourselves. Then the world will follow. Happy she sees the final stage of mankind…

De Gans

Source: Pixabay

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