Voices in heaven

Feelings torn apart by todays society full of judgement and grief.

A beautiful voice singing about controversial subjects.

Loved, but also criticised by hearts full of fear.
Fear of what should be accepted. Fear of observing the wrong reality when having a closer look. To find out a reality that is not corresponding to the apparition of the glorious star in everyones dreams…

Pain and desolation were what I felt when reading the stories about a life of someone I did not know in person at all, but whose talent I always admired.

It made me think about last year. About the other stars that went away.

Because I think society is afraid. Of love. Of reality. Of her own people. Of her own talent.

How could we fear reality? How could we fear a beautiful talented human being? How could we fear love?

How empty are our hearts when being afraid of such a beautiful thing? Love is the oxygen for the brain. Your soul needs to be fed with love just like your lungs need to be filled with the air you breathe.

It should not matter whether it is love from a man to a man. It should not matter whether it is love from a woman to a woman. Or between a man and a woman. It shouldn’t make any difference…

When someone cries out his pain in art, he should be heard. Not being heavily criticised by society…not only being adored by his golden voice, his fancy guitar playing or his sexy looks. Or by the money he earned, widely exposed in all papers of none importance. This all making him feel so abandoned and deserted. A soul broken and weakened. With the wrong solutions and answers left by his side… He should simply be understood, heard and loved.

So please do not fear love.

It is a pure nourishment for your soul.

The most spiritual feeling.

The most sung subject by those who died. The most sung subject by those who are living.

May all the beautiful souls in heaven be enlightened by the vibration of talented voices.
May all heavenly ears be touched by their sound.
May all heavenly hearts be warmed with their love.

May all musicians who left the earthly existence join the choir of angels.

To strengthen the heavenly tones of golden voices.

To put hope in the hearts of those still living.

To send music to all searching souls.

To answer all fear by giving love.

“The Goose”

♥  This piece of poetry is dedicated to all my childhood hero’s who died in 2016. Thank you for filling our souls and hearts with your lovely music. May the memory of your songs inspire todays talented people to keep music alive forever ♥

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Pictures foud at Pixabay.

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