Unconditional Love

“The most important thing for a child to have is the love of a parent. Unconditional.
So, it makes you feel safe to grow up, to learn and….to fail…”

-De Gans-

Recently I was commenting an answer like this on a post of another website. It made me think. Because, however it seems to be completely logical, receiving unconditional love from a parent is not as obvious as we all might presume.

A defective childhood

Some parents simply do not have the possibility for unconditional love. Some parents are suffering from a defective childhood themselves and maybe they do not know how to act, how to accompany their children towards adulthood. They might have severe psychological problems themselves and therefore might need some more help and understanding than provided. Mostly, they are toiling with their parenthood and do not always dare to ask for help.

Love and care

All tough I fully understand that no creature will be perfect, I have the absolute opinion that, being a parent, you always should do everything you can to prevent your problems take away your love and the safety from your child. No matter how difficult your life may be, or once might have been. Your love to your child should always be there, shown, felt by your child.

Your child needs that safety of a loving, caring parent. A parent who is able to explain some of his own, may be odd, reactions to some events that might happen in life, but who is never blaming the child for his own imperfections. Who is never copying the behaviour of his own parents to his own parenthood. Who will always be willing to learn for himself, to grow and to reveal as a parent. To grow with his children into a wonderful, loving and caring family.

De Gans


“Family Hand” by thenepals @ Pixabay

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