There is nothing wrong with LOVE

Should this phrase need any explanation…?

There is nothing wrong with LOVE. 

Just wanted to emphasise this to support all homosexual people.

I just hope the world is realising love is just love. It does not matter if it is a man, or a woman. Love is ok. Love is beautiful. Love is what everyone needs. Love is what everyone deserves. And we, grown up people, should teach our children this every day. Don’t let the petty vision of an innocent minority in the world be so loud that it will torn loving hearts apart and leave them into a thousand pieces… Leaving beautiful people feeling totally abandoned. We cannot let this happen any more.

Let’s colour the world by sharing this message.

Love and be loved. There is nothing wrong with love.

The Goose

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8 thoughts on “There is nothing wrong with LOVE

  1. In de blogpost over George Michael schreef je hier ook al zo mooi over. Toen dacht ik; had hij zoiets maar gelezen toen hij worstelde. groetjes, Hanneke

  2. so true.. love is love, man or woman, black or white.
    I don’t know were I stand in this.. I can love a man, but also a woman.
    I don’t even know what I would want.. a man or a woman..
    So I’ll just wait, ‘till love hits me.

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