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Who is “The Goose”?

Off-course, The Goose is an alias. I am a Dutch woman, who lives in the north of The Netherlands, somewhere in the beautiful country of Groningen. Our little family consists of The Goose, my dearest, smart, bearded husband, a small chick of six years old and three very old, but lovely cats.

Geese are faithful animals who love to travel. During their smart, V-formed flight one can still hear their lively conversation way after they left the sky above someone’s head. In the Roman Myth “The Geese of the Capitol”, geese saved the Romans from the attack by the Gauls by their vivacious gaggle during the night.
On my turn I would like to prevent people on earth being harmed or hurt by the narrow vision and actions by some persons. Meanwhile I would love to make our society coloured with more respect and love to one another.
The flight feather of a goose has been used to write in prior times, like I use my computer to mould my words.

In everyone’s life, a lot of beautiful things happen. But no-one’s life exists of highlights only. Sooner or later some unpleasant events will occur, and they will make life difficult, or even hard to survive. But you have to continue living. My life off-course is of no difference and I would love to share my personal experience with you.

After a very rough time, I realised a blog would be a very useful instrument to share those experiences. Key for me is to give and share support and understanding to people who are going to rough times in their lives. Also I want to show the world love and respect is always more important than hate and disdain. I would like to stimulate more space for the love between all people and love for the beautiful planet Earth, our home.

Becoming an expert by my own experiences in life in the field of chronical diseases and fatigue, combined with my background as an international secretary, translator, text/web editor and coach, I have some very proficient tools to use on my blog. I hope you love reading it and I hope to welcome you back on a regularly basis.

Please note a privacy update has been added in May 2018.

Thank you very much for visiting here.

Marije, De Gans, “The Goose”

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Le Toulourenc, France

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