“A tiny bit of sunshine
will brighten up each day”

The Goose

Look for those little positive signs given to you each day. Even if life seems to be so hard, there is always a tiny bit of sunshine to brighten it up. A smile of a little child, a furry cat that softly sweeps your legs, a little flower with his heart in the light of the golden beams of the sun… Those precious moments are for free. Let them lighten up your day. Light up your life.

The Goose

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5 thoughts on “Sunshine

  1. Inderdaad possitiviteit helpt je vooruit.Las ooit eens “een optimist is iemand voor wie de zon ook door piepkleine raampjes schijnt.”

    1. Toen ik dit schreef wat het buiten zonovergoten. Vandaag regeert de regen. Maar hoe mooi zijn de waterdruppels waarin het licht reflecteert!

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