Summerquotes: Love doesn’t fade

Love does

not fade…

That is my conclusion of the last months of this school year. Love does not fade. All other feelings are subordinate to love, according to me; as pain will fade, eventually just like the feeling of disappointment or even anger. But love always remains in the heart.

That is why I think humanity is struggling so much. All those other feelings seem so big during our lives, but when it all comes to an end, love is the only feeling that remains.

It simply does not fade….

De Gans

Love doesn't fade
Source: Pixabay

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5 thoughts on “Summerquotes: Love doesn’t fade

  1. Some memories never fade because they are all about LOVE

    Ennnn wat zijn wij schathemeltjerijk om te weten hoe dát voelt hè?


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