Summerquotes: if it feels ok it is ok

If it
feels ok
it usually
is ok…

Sometimes things occur in life you are not ok with. And looking back you can see that all the signs where there…. It was not ok, it only seemed to be ok.

Always listen to your own inner voice. It is your heart telling you about making your decisions. Giving you the right advice in your life. It tells you all about which road to take and advices you who to trust and which people are not the right ones to rely on. If you always listen to your inner voice, your road of life would less obstructive and much easier to ride.

Just use your knowledge, your logical reasoning to avoid making stupid decisions. But if you learn to trust on your inner voice, I think the most beautiful things might happen.

De Gans

Summerquotes: if it feels ok it is ok
Source: Pixabay

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2 thoughts on “Summerquotes: if it feels ok it is ok

  1. Die intuïtie hé… Of het buikgevoel, of hoe je het ook wil noemen. Het is best waardevol soms! Jammer dat we er soms niet meer naar luisteren.

    1. Moeten we weer leren. Er is weinig dat echt ‘moet’, buiten eten, slapen, ademen. Maar dat buikgevoel dat moet daarbij ❤

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