Something about your inner force

Sometimes you have the feeling to loose all the force you once had.

And it seems you will never be able to get up again. Life really may knock you down from time to time. But even during the hardest moments you are able to get up, to dress yourself, to comb your hear, and to continue living.
I found this quote and wanted to share it with you all:


Something about your inner force

Even through the hardest times in my life (and I quite have had some…) I never gave up. Seriously, I was close to giving up, honestly, but even then, I regained my forces and I kept on living, as no other choice was offered to me. And I made the decisions to make some turns and to improve my life.

Please, get up in the morning.

And get out of your bed without fear. Please leave yourself up, get dressed and for sure, take the outfit which fits you best and which really is looking good on you. Go and eat something, even though it is so little. Go to comb your hair and open yourself up to whatever life is offering you that day.

Most of the times it will not be as bad as you are afraid of.

And please tell me, after that day, what has been given to you, how you received it and how you handled it. I am sure you can close your day with a positive feeling in the end. Try to turn even the hardest moments into something positive and try to write down this feeling.

Feel what this is doing to you and please let me know what happened.

Because please, never, ever give up!

You have the inner force.

De Gans

Something about your inner force
Bron: Pixabay

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