Real pleasures

The real pleasures in life come from small joys…

My feet in the sea, the salty water tickling my toes,
The wind softly kissing my cheek while walking at the moor,
The rain washing away my tears, of joy as well as sadness.

The sun, shining, giving the hair of my son a golden glance,
My cat, warm, soft and purring on my lap,
A kiss from my husband, with soft loving lips.

The sound of the wind in the trees behind my garden,
The love I feel for those who live with me,
The feeling of being loved, being cared, being cherished…

It is all so good, so small, but in life, as big as it can be….

So please, do you feel with me?

The real pleasures in life come from small joys.

De Gans

A heartwarming cherry…

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