Real beauty lies behind your eyes


Real beauty lies behind your eyes.

So many times, I see girls on pictures. Beautiful girls, on Instagram, Facebook, on television, in magazines, anywhere…. Young girls. Children, according to me…
But most of these pictures are, sorry I’m saying this, quite gruesome. Skinny, painted, almost sick looking girls with an aura of a severe depression around their heads.
Nowadays, I see a lot of selfies, made while looking in a mirror, with pursed lips as if the girl is about to kiss a frog, instead of the prince she might have in her young head while taking the pic.
The eyes are wide open as if she feels really scared about something she just might have seen (the frog?), stomach pulled back in a very unnatural way and  I am sure, she will suffer from a severe attack of myalgia when trying to hold this position for more than a couple of minutes.

I tried to make these kinds of pictures myself, but I looked like a terrifying doll and I couldn’t recognise myself in it at all. So, girls, who do you see when looking at those pictures? Are you really seeing you? Why presenting someone different to the outer world than the person who you really are?
It worries me a bit. I love all those young faces, I love the way they are, their teenage enthusiastic lively conversation. I love the way a girl looks when staring at something beautiful at the horizon, unaware of being watched. So, why are they looking like a sick, depressed ‘kind of girl’ who is about to give a kiss to a slimy, chilly, green frog when exposing themselves to the outer world, to us? Looking at our youth, seeing so many girls struggling with their looks, or even worse, their weight, even when they should be a bit heavier; and listening to their conversations, I am really concerned. So I have a message to them:

Dear girls, you are beautiful, just the way you are!
You don’t need selfies to proof it. You don’t need a masque with fake twisted lips. You don’t need to have a skinny body. You do not need any of that. It is not you. Real beauty lies behind your eyes. Real beauty lies in your soul. It has nothing to do with pursed lips, with long, black lashes and it has nothing, for sure nothing to do with a skinny body.

Skinny is not beautiful.
To see a girl enjoying her meal is beautiful. Snogging her fingers because the taste of the food is so good. We adults, we learn our children how to eat. We also teach them what to eat. But somewhere in the world there is a sick conviction of ‘no fat is beautiful and skinny is great’. Well, let me tell you, skinny is horrible. When you want to become skinny because you think this makes you beautiful, please, please remind yourself, you are already beautiful. As a chubby, round baby, you were adorable and everyone was worshipping you. You had a big, toothless pink, shouting mouth, and everything about you was soft and well-rounded, but you were amazingly beautiful and pure.

So please, let me convince you both your body and your soul need nourishment.
And I would like to help you to start feeling a bit more comfortable with yourself. Because it should be so easy to find the beautiful person who is ‘You’.
So start by telling yourself three beautiful elements you like about yourself. The first time you try this, it might be only one nail, one tress of hair, one eyelash maybe.
Besides this, it might also be you have your own beautiful talents, like being capable of listening very careful to another, of being capable of loving a cat so intense, of having the talent to draw beautiful paintings. No matter what, but I am sure you have some marvelous talents to develop. You are in you, and you are so precious. So try to pick up the little exercise. First, it might be difficult. But please try, and hold on. And start to stop criticizing yourself.

You are beautiful. Real beauty is at your inner side. It is behind your eyes. Yours only.  

The Goose

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