5 Tips to live a happier life:

  1. Love yourself

It seems to be so difficult sometimes, but the first one to love, is you. Love yourself.

  1. Do good

Even a small gesture makes someone else smile. So don’t hesitate to do something good.

  1. Always forgive

Forgiveness isn’t about tolerating people doing bad things to you. It is just about to release yourself from the pain this is causing you. It is not about accepting bad behaviour and certainly not about holding a grudge against someone. Just allow yourself to be free from it. And forgive.

  1. Harm no one

Does it need any explanation? Just harm no one, especially not on purpose.

  1. Be positive

This might need some exercise as in todays society we have a tendency to make a fuss about all things, especially those who aren’t important at all. Be positive, see the rays of the sun in the branches of a tree, see the people in the streets smiling at you and admire the frozen drops on a late flowering rose. Enjoy. Be positive.

Have a good day ♥

De Gans


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