Little child

You are charming from outside.

Your inner child abandoned.

You are looking fabulous,

Even at a certain age…


You tend to look so young,

Even younger than your child.

Because the little child in you,

Found a way just to survive.


It is nice to you though,

It is not good for me,

Like a little, lousy vampire,

You’ve stolen my youth from me.


You made me old,

You made me sick.

You abandoned the lovely child in me!

Left alone in tears, deserted totally.


But I recognise your pointed lips,

Who sucked my lively energy.

Who sucked all life just out of me,

To keep you forever young…


But I recognise the signs you give,

Before opening your mouth.

Before drinking the blossoming of me

And leave my corps and soul empty.


I recognise all holes in you.

The darkness in your personality…

I recognise all black in you.

The youth I‘ve never seen.


So I take distance, far enough,

To regain my own reality.

To live my life apart from yours.

To comfort the little child in me.


You did not care, you are to late,

To see who I am, personally.

Because I care, I am not too late,

Of cherishing the child in me.


I love this girl you never saw.

I love the best in me.

I will recover, will regain,

My own, beautiful energy!


The Goose



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