No hate for hate

It was silent in my head last week.

Lots of awful things happened in the world again, and I did not want to allow all negativity to slip into my head and destroy my fragile feeling of inner peace.

However, I kept on observing human behaviour on social media. When horrific things occur in countries far away from us, which doesn’t concern us immediately, we do not bother much. We watch the news while sipping our cup of tea or enjoying a glass of red. But when something passes in the world directly in our neighbourhood, we suffer with all unknown victims… Each person is given a face in the newspapers, to push us to identify ourselves with every individual. To refine our feelings of grief to a higher level.

We are all victims of the same attack.

From each attack in the western world, we stand with all victims, no matter if we knew them personally or not.

It is not hypocritical, according to me. It is just human. Like we identify ourselves mainly with people who live ‘more like us’ instead of those living far away in a completely different culture.

So, we immediate are adjusting our profile pictures on Facebook to show our support and sadness to the world. Eifel towers, Swedish flags or Manneken Pis concur the internet, with our tears clearly visible directly behind those signs.

We immerse ourselves in feelings of grief and compassion, we cry about every child that died; we shout out our ache from each device we can use.

Is it a good idea to demonstrate our immense feelings of grief this way?

In my personal opinion, terrorists are rejoicing our massive expressions of our collective wounds, our mutual sympathy and distress, caused by their attack.

Their goal is accomplished. By releasing our feelings of disgust, we make new seeds will be sowed and new attacks will be prepared. After each attack in our European hearts, we give them their feeling of triumph when showing our abhorrence, like we provide them with fresh water to feed their plans for the next actions.

How difficult, even ruthless it might feel for us to keep our feelings of grieve and sympathy inside, I am afraid this might be the only solution to prevent more attacks in the future.

No hate for hate
No hate for hate

Let us show feelings of love.

Tu turn the page of horror, I think we should show the world our feelings of peace and acceptation. And, most important of all, we should show our inner feelings of love, which should be the spine, the backbone of our society. In my opinion, only this might prevent hate from growing.

Hate will only feed more hate. But hate will not grow any bigger when love is rooted deeply within our human souls.

According to me, by expressing our feelings of hate, grief and even of sympathy to the victims and their families, we might feed the feelings of separation, of difference and hate towards our society which clearly is felt by the ones who tend to violate us by today.

I think the key to stop nowadays massive violence in the world, is just by the manifestation of our feelings of connection with each other, by our feelings of love.

Please, give me the hope that I might be right. I just hope it will be so simple and so clear.

It then should be easy to work out, am I right?

“The Goose”

De Gans

No hate, but LOVE

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2 thoughts on “No hate for hate

  1. Dear Marije, I agree, fight against terrorism can’t be successful with hate, grieve. This will provoke more fear and hate and it increases more terrorism. Only love can defeat hate and grieve. <3

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