Introduced: a translation button on my website

A very warm welcome to my visitors abroad.

Thank you so much for visiting here! From today onwards, a translation button will be available for my entire website. Although it is an automatic generated web-translator, which is not as accurate as I would like, I hope it will help you when reading my articles.

There will be a difference between some translations.

Almost all articles translated by myself do have a translation button at the end of each article in form of the UK flag. To read all other articles via the automatic web-translator, please choose the buttons at the right bottom of the website.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my stories. I would love your comments and I am looking forward to seeing you back soon.

The Goose

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2 thoughts on “Introduced: a translation button on my website

    1. Ik schrijf al een half jaar in het Engels, alleen op de woensdagen 🙂 Vond het een beetje sneu dat mijn buitenlandse volgers de navigatie en al uit het Nederlands moeten ontcijferen. Maar het is me nog niet naar de zin. Komt vanzelf. Dank je wel!

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