Message of Love

In my life

I have seen

what lack of love

can do to a person.

Believe me;

every single one

on earth

deserves to be loved.

No matter if

you hate him.

No matter if you

disrespect her.

No matter if

he hurted you.

No matter if

she harmed you.


You deserve love.

You might have been

deserted in your life.

Didn’t you long

for a person

who loved you

at that particular moment?

And didn’t you hurt

someone in your life?

Not because you wanted to.

But just because it happened.

Or just because

you were hurt.

And used the reflection of your ache

to ease the pain you felt.




That does not change the fact

that you deserve to be loved.

The other one

deserves to be loved.

All people deserve to be loved.

Not particularly by you.

But in the same way as you do.


The Goose

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6 thoughts on “Message of Love

  1. Everybody deserves it..
    But what if yu choose its’ not for you anymore ?
    What if the times of hurt have been too much
    And you just can’t bare to feel that again?
    Everybody deserves it.. but not everybody wants it.


    You think that you destroyed my faith in love
    You think after all you’ve done
    I’ll never find my way back home
    You’ll see
    Somehow, someday

    You think that you are strong, but you are weak
    You’ll see
    It takes more strength to cry, admit defeat
    I have truth on my side
    You only have deceit
    You’ll see, somehow, someday

    staat nu ook mede op mijn blog met een mini verhaaltje 😉


  3. Writing in English gives the words more feelings, more tenderness, than our language. Very beautifull and sensitive and al so true.
    Kindly regards Klaartje

    1. That is exactly what I feel when writing in English Klaartje. Thank you and wishing you a lovely day. Warmest regards, Marije ☉

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