Let’s fly away for a taste of summer…

Over the next couple of months, it will be the summer season in our country.

I will keep on posting on my blog, as I still have so much to tell you all about. However, it will be slightly less on some parts and in the month of August, I will leave behind my ‘post a day’ structure during the work week. I need some rest as well and I will take some, like I use to advice my followers. 

Thinking about more structure in my blog.

I want more balance in my critical posts and more positivity in the other ones. Because, I am still looking for a ‘beautiful life’, right? So, I will post more positivity and cheerful texts, but also, I have a question for you.

What makes you happy?

So, my question to my readers will be: what makes you happy in your life? Please let me know by sending me an email via the contact form, click here, and I will post your answer in a nice, goosy and sunny summer post. I would love to share more happiness to all of you. Also I hope to remember all the beauty of the summer, to spread some warmth in the autumn, to keep all of us comfortable.

Spread a smile.

Besides the call to sharing more happiness, I would also ask you to spread your smile, all over the world. Just smile at someone you never met before. In the streets or in a shop, where ever you may be. Doesn’t matter who it is, just smile. Let us all spread some positive vibes to each other, all over the world. It should be so easy to do.

Who’s in?

De Gans

Let's fly away for a taste of summer
“Smile” (Source: Pixabay)


I am full of confidence


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4 thoughts on “Let’s fly away for a taste of summer…

  1. Dat doe ik eigenlijk best vaak, zo glimlachen naar mensen, die me passeren. Bv op de rolband bij C*lruyt of terwijl ik naar de auto stap.. Het valt me op, dat oudere mensen altijd terug glimlachen 🙂

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