Joined in a cycle of life

Looking at my garden…

Last week I was looking to my garden and I started pondering…

Everything seemed so tired, so dusty, so overblown. Some parts were even totally empty because of burned plants which didn’t survive the eternal sunshine of the months behind us. I felt the need to work, to recover the nature around me, to make it fresh and new again. It didn’t work…

First, it made me sad

But then I started to think. Because, isn’t that life? First a fresh start of something, of a day, by opening your eyes and senses, followed by living to the fullest. And after that, the start of releasing all that isn’t serving you. And finally, the story ends by going to bed and going to rest. And then, after a good night of sleep, waking up again refreshed and ready for a new adventure.

It is in the rythm of night and day, in our seasons and in our gardens… I love those messages from nature which tell me that everything is there for a reason, that everything will recover in its own way and that everything is going to be all right. One way or another. But it will be the right way for sure.


My garden is nature. I am nature. We are all together, joined in a beautiful cycle of life.

Called nature.

De Gans


Een slakje tussen de resten van de hosta’s

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3 thoughts on “Joined in a cycle of life

  1. Mooi stukje Marije. Wij hadden ook een heel droge zomer een half jaar eerder. Verbazingwekkend hoe de natuur daaruit weer opbloeide. Niet alles heeft het gehaald, maakte ruimte voor nieuw. lieve groetjes, Hanneke

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