Is there…

Is there a pill to take away my sadness,

When I feel I am loosing again.

Is there some simple solution

When I know I wont win again.

Is there something to take away the pain

Just for a couple of hours.

To make me feel my strength again,

Just give me something to support the things that may come…


Sometimes it takes so long to heal.

Sometimes it takes so much energy,

Sometimes I wish things were not so hard,

Sometimes I wish I could easier survive.

I know I cannot travel time,

But sometimes, I wish I could.

To give a kiss, to hear a voice.

To whisper ‘I am sorry’ in someone’s ears.

To feel the air breathed by someone I love.

I wish I had a little power,

To stop the clock, to enjoy today,

Just for a little second longer…

I know I have to deal with this.

But please, give me something to take away the pain,

So there is a some space for happiness,

and stop the clock inside my brain…

De Gans ♥


Bron foto: Pixabay

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