Inspired by Gulara Vincent: healing yourself

Avoiding your own inner healing

Last Monday, I read a beautiful article of Gulara Vincent. She came up with 4 common reasons why we people avoid our own inner healing.
The article is spot on for me personally. And I think for many of you too, so I decided to share it with my own Goosy experiences and my personal interpretation.

Looking at yourself

Are you looking at yourself sometimes? And by this I mean, really looking at yourself? Do you see yourself?

Because, how scary it is to look at your reflection in the mirror and to see you? You, the beautiful version of yourself completed with the version of you with all shortages of your own being, all defects and all the fears you have? However, to start your own healing, you have to see yourself and to accept yourself in this integral, entire way. Completely. Kind. Without judging.

Meeting yourself

If you take this step to meet yourself in your own, integral way of being, with everything you are coping with in your life, you are a brave person. It takes a lot of internal power and courage to see the one behind your own eyes.

Then coming to the descision to meet up with all imperfections, all the things which are holding you back in your life, all parts of you which need attention or need to be fixed, might feel horrific. I have seen people who really are too afraid to recover. Too afraid to look in their own eyes and to pick up the armament to fight their own trauma’s. In my opinion, people like this never will bloom like they would have been able to if they took the chances to overcome and fight their own fears.


Inspired by Gulara Vincent: healing yourself
Imperfection is a part of your total being

Are you afraid of loosing yourself?

First of all: by looking at yourself in a friendly, no judging way and by accepting the facts some hard work needs to be done, you will never loose yourself. Also please realise that whatever you might consider as an imperfection, just could be that one specific characteristic that gives your personality a great balance or will give you the opportunity to develop your specific talents.

I have to tell you this from my own and very recent experience: if you take the chance which is given to you by your own life, the chance to heal, and to work on every toughness you are experiencing, you might learn the most important lesson in your life: the opportunity to become the one you really are. The opportunity to grow and the opportunity to meet the real you.

Heading all those experiences, all those parts of you you are afraid of, even habits you preferably don’t want to see, or to know of yourself, is the biggest chance of your life. It is difficult. And it is scary. It is taking you away from the one you thought you were, basically. So you might have the feeling of loosing yourself first.

Coming back to you

The person you will be about to meet, will be your most honest, trustworthy, strong and sincere person you will ever come across in your life. And this one will be with you for the rest of your life, without any doubt. But above all, this one will give you the love and attention you really deserve.

You will meet you.

For myself, I realise, a lot of work still needs to be done. I just started by uncovering and processing old, apparently forgotten, but in the contrary constantly emerging trauma’s in my own life. Trying to meet them, to see them, to break them down and to give them a healty place in my existence.

It is hard. But in the same way, it is beautiful to uncover myself and to overcome my fears and trauma’s. It makes me myself. And I wish you the same healing too.

To read the inspiring post of Gulara, please click here. This might be the first step in your own healing process.

I wish you lots of bravery, and lots of love ♥

De Gans

Inspired by Gulara Vincent: healing yourself
All imperfections of you could offer you a great balance

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7 Replies to “Inspired by Gulara Vincent: healing yourself”

  1. Gulara schreef:

    Thank you, Marije, this is such an honour. I’m deeply touched. To see our own light, the fullness of who we are can be so scary. It’s not the darkness we are afraid of, sometimes it’s the light. We don’t even know what we may discover if we look, really look and see who we are. Another side of this is that when we look into mirror we are so accustomed to see the flaws: those wrinkles and spots, extra fat on belly and thighs, hairy armpits – whatever. We constantly criticise ourselves and our bodies. To see the miracle of what our bodies do and how much gratitude there’s just for being alive, here, in this one precious body…. An important and beautifully written post. Thank you for the invitation to meet ourselves. Much love.xx

  2. Mirjam Kakelbont schreef:

    Mooie onderste foto. Door therapie ben ik anders naar mezelf gaan kijken. Ik dacht dat alles wat me in het overleden was overkomen mijn schuld was.
    Mijn therapeut legde het uit aan de hand van het voorbeeld met het steenmannetje op de foto.
    Iedere steen staat voor een bepaalde periode in je leven. De onderste is je vroege jeugd. Als die moeilijk was, als je omgeving niet veilig was, is je steen niet mooi plat en vlak maar rond en hobbelig. Voor alle stenen die daarbovenop komen, wordt het balanceren steeds moeilijker.
    Zo werkt het ook in de praktijk. Uiteindelijk kun je door je verleden te begrijpen verder komen, maar vlak worden de stenen nooit meer…
    Op je volgende blog kon ik niet reageren. Het kwam te dichtbij.
    Lieve groet.
    Vlieg met Mirjam Kakelbont mee naar… De hengelaarMy Profile

    • Marije schreef:

      Lieve Mirjam, ik snap je laatste zin. Hij raakt me zo dat ik tranen achter mijn ogen voel. Wat lijken wij in deze op elkaar. En wat kunnen mensen elkaar pijn doen. Kwaad doen.
      Ik ben nu zover dat ik die hobbelige stenen best mooi vind. En ben een deel van de stapel aan het herbalanceren zodat hij stabieler wordt. Therapie is hard werken, maar het werkt!
      Ik bewonder je. Lieve groet en dikke kus xxx

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