I only have one thing to say: love is the answer

Dear all, dear people on earth,

Please stop yelling your hatefull words.

It does not matter from which mouth they come: they will be responded with hate anyway.

Because that is just what they are meant for.

I join you in grief. I join you in sadness and distress. I send a prayer to your little ones in heaven.

But please let the response be love. As we discovered hate will only take the wrong ones away.

There is no ‘us’ and there is no ‘them’

There is only ‘people’.

So let us all unite in love.

Let’s bury our weapons.

Let’s kiss away our tears.

Let us reach for each others hands,

for each others comprehension.

Let’s talk.

Let’s listen.

Let’s conglomerate.

Love is the answer.

Let’s love.


De Gans

I only have one thing to say: love is the answer
Give peace a chance.

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7 thoughts on “I only have one thing to say: love is the answer

  1. Alhoewel dat afgrijselijke woord met a, steeds meer mensen vervult, overheerst en stuurt… doe ik ook er constant mijn uiterste stinkende best voor de ♥ mijn leidraad te laten zijn. Naarmate iemand probeert mij dat te ontzeggen des te meer vastbesloten ga ik er mee door.


  2. The world we live in is totally insane. Therefore the LOVE is almost totally blurred by FEAR. There’s a lot of work to do in this mad environment… <3

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