I Love!

Translated for my friends abroad: my love-log of February 6th, 2017.

The last weeks I read a lot of blogs, messages, newspapers, all talking and telling about the events happening on ‘the other side of the Atlantic’.
A lot of concern, even fear, was what I felt when reading all the messages and comments.

I feel sadness about the clear abomination shown in all messages I read. Abomination about discriminatory statements, about intolerance and about actions which are dictated by one stroke of a pencil and suddenly executed, without any legal basis underneath them. A grey-haired man who tries to explain his situation, but who is pushed out of the room without any excuse of the security guy, who snarled the words ‘My free world is not about you’ in the poor man’s face…

But, if I may ask, what about is a free world then?

To be honest, the answer on this question is completely numb to me, when looking at the events happening in the USA. Distinctively, the man who arouses this kind of agitation was able to gain a lot of votes. Whether it is the majority or not, that is beyond my knowledge, there are still many discussions about this and to be clear, it does not matter any longer. The atmosphere in the country has easily put him in the saddle of the White House. So he is there. And clearly he is unwanted by many people. And he does not want many other people, based on their origin, their religion or their culture. Trying to listen to this person, the least what I am feeling in his words is even a very slightest sense of ‘freedom’, an element which he reclaims to recover in the country he is supposed to lead.

In Europe I am noticing similar manifestations. Comments like ‘We do not want them’, or even many more horrific announcements, trying to persuade people to change their minds towards tolerance and humanity. They are even pronounced in order to gain more votes for coming elections. Voices of hate, of disgust, of fear and of clear incomprehension. All under cover of ‘freedom’. I am afraid, a lot of people do not quite understand the word ‘freedom’, if used in these kind of statements.
“We do not want them”. Who or what is it we do not want? About who and about what are we talking when taking the word of ‘freedom’ in our mouths?

May I offer you one answer to this question please?

It is about our freedom.

Freedom is a matter for all of us. All human beings on earth. Together. Let me be clear on this part: I do want them! They are my friends. I work with them. They teach me wonderful lessons about life and love and wisdom. I laugh with them. I am part of them. They are part of me. They are part of you. We all come from the same source of mankind. We belong together. We people, wonderful connected to each other on this wonderful earth. We meet each other when we travel. We encounter each other on many parts of this little planet. We are visiting places together. Our history is enlaced. Events in the past are tightly connected to each other.
In prior times, the fights we fought, all those battles and horrific events our forefathers suffered, have proven that war, stigmatisation of people, or disqualification of nations never offered a sustainable solution for a pleasurable world to live in. It provides us only with misery instead.
Based on the ruins of horror in the past, millions of people needed to fully rebuild their lives. Full of missing their loved ones and trying to deal with a miserable trauma. With a huge memory of misery, poverty, loss and a feeling of immense grief.

Do we want to repeat this story? Over and over again?

I don’t think we do. But I can only speak for myself. So, I cannot prevent people pronouncing words of hate or intolerance towards each other. But I promise, I shall not pronounce them myself and I never will. However, I can promise I will never reject, never refuse and never decline people, or their religion or their cultures. I do not hate. I can tell you all that I love. I love my family, I love my neighbours. I love other people.

I Love.

Do you love? Please spread the word!

We do not hate. We do love. Let love be the answer.

I want to spread these words over the world. Via Facebook, via Instagram, no matter what medium you are using.

I Love.

Ich Liebe.


Me encanta.


.أنا أحب


. אני אוהב

मैं प्यार करता हूँ.



Я люблю.

Jeg elsker.


Jag älskar.

Ik heb lief.


“The Goose”


Picture in header by Pezibear, Petra, Österreich @Pixabay

Picture of the seeds in log by Sivavich Koravich, Thailand @Pixabay

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Picture in header by Pezibear, Petra, Österreich @Pixabay


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