Hearts, together

A carved heart.

During a walk I saw a heart, carved in a tree. I pondered about the couple, together, kissing, caring, carving their love in the brown bark of a timeless tree. Maybe hoping this tree would seal their love for life, for eternity.

Pondering, I continued my walk…

Oh dear couple, are you still together? Or did time overtake your feelings? Is your love still loved? Or really, are you both still alive?

I kept on wandering, thinking, dreaming. I love your heart, which was twisted by time and life, deformed by the growth of the tree. And I think your love would have been affected by life just as your carved heart did. That is what life is about. Events making you stronger perhaps, or maybe destroying you or your love by storms and feelings a heart cannot recover from. But for sure, it will deform the feelings, views, events and opinions of all who live it. Like the distortion of the heart in the tree.

But I hope your love is still loved by both of you. Strengthened by life. Nourished by the events of life. Growing bigger, just as your heart in the tree did.

I hope your love is still love.

De Gans


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6 thoughts on “Hearts, together

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog & for writing this in English (sorry that I can’t speak Dutch – thank you google translator). So beautiful. Is that a face inside it? A ‘W’ to its upper left? If so, did the original artist carve that or did others add to it? So much to ponder – love with all of its wonder & pain.

  2. Meestal zijn het piepjonge koppeltjes die een hart kerven in een boom in de hoop er samen nog eens te kunnen naar komen kijken.Hopelijk brandt de liefde nog in hun hart.

  3. Geen foto gemaakt, maar gisteren zag ik ook tijdens een wandeling een hart met pijl en namen in een boom.
    Een oude boom met een giga dikke stam. De ingekerfde letters waren heel breed geworden en het hart ook. Denk dat de mensen die dat gedaan hadden er al heel lang niet meer zijn… Ik hoop ook dat ze gelukkig zijn geworden!

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