Go tell yourself ‘I am beautiful!’

I am beautiful.


Go and tell yourself
that you are beautiful.
And that your life
is so worth living.
Take a fair look
in the mirror.
Just have a look at you
for a little while.
Look at you as if you
were another person.
Just someone you never knew.
And then go tell yourself
in every honesty,
that you are lovely
even when you’re blue.
Just go and tell yourself
that you are quite ok.
And please repeat these words
in every single way.
Go and tell yourself
that you are beautiful.
Every minute, every hour,
and every brand-new day.
Please have look at you,
you as a person are ok.
With all the pros and cons
you’ll see.
And if you’ll fail, just do not care,
and start another day.
Just take it step by step,
by repeating it
as many times
as you can say.
Again, again and just again.
So many times, each day,
Until the final wake-up call
that makes you finally see,
‘I am the best one in the world.
At least I am, to me’

About beauty.

Last week I wrote the poem above in Dutch. I made a sort of free translation because I am worried when observing all spoken or written insecurities of lots of people about themselves.

Why do we want to be perfect? What is it, perfection? Is it beauty? Is it having a very balanced personality, without any negative emotion like anger or sadness? Like horrific things never will occur in one’s life? Would that be perfect?

Can we please just agree that beauty is a state of mind what has nothing in common with the outer appearance of someone or something. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. And the physical beauty itself will fade away as life goes on. When someone gets older, the inner beauty will become more and more visible. Beauty really has nothing to do with our physical appearance, but everything with the way we live and the way we maintain our relationships with the world around us.

Supporting you.

Also beauty has nothing to do with a required reaction to something nasty in your life. Your emotions are real and you have every reason to respect them and to feel them. And you have every reason to be respected in every way.

Please read this poem as many times you need. Repeat that you are beautiful, until you are feeling better.

I just want to support all people who are struggling with their bodies, struggling with their self-acceptance and self-esteem, and who are still believing the ridiculous demands of today’s society.

Just believe that only one thing is true: you are ok! And you deserve to feel beautiful. Because you are.

De Gans – The Goose

Vertel jezelf eens dat je mooi bent
You are beautiful

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