In order to keep this site as respectful and honest as possible, I framed an official disclaimer to make a view things clear. So we can live happily ever after together.


My mission is to provide a loving and respectful online magazine for people looking for more love, mutual respect and a beautiful environment. With this privacy statement I would like to inform you about the way information will be collected and handled at this site. Click here to read this sites full Privacy Statement.

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Pictures used at this site are my own material (of which it is not allowed to be shared in any way without my written approval) or they are found at Pixabay. Please note all personal drawings like the ones in this log, are from my own hand and may not be reproduced or spread in any way. Thank you very much for your integrity on this part.

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I do use my own private experiences in life in my blog and in my articles. A few stories published at this blog are stricktly personal. Therefore, I want to emphasise that I am the only one responsible for what I am feeling and in the way of writing it down. Also I am the only one responsible of my own experience in life and in my relationships. There are always as many visions of an event as persons concerned. All expressed feelings and interpretations are honest and pure, but they are mine and mine only.

Please take into account ignoring feelings or projecting your own feelings to another person is graceless to the one who is showing his emotions to you, whether they are written or spoken.
It will never be my intention to hurt or to damage any creature with my personal posts. All posts are sincere and intended to be filled with love and respect and need to be read with an open mind and attention accordingly.


All mentioned experiences at this site are based on a combination of my business-coaching expertise and my personal expertise. Therefore they must never be considerated as evidence based. In case of any critical blog in which I refer to any research or otherwise professional article, the source(s) of the information will always be available at the bottom of the log.

All individuals are responsible for their own descisions and actions in their life. Therefore, all information, advice, quotes or comments on this website are intended for personal use, personal information and/or private informing purposes and are never intended to replace any professional advice. You are responsible for your own life, and it is up to you to live it beautiful, loving and harmless to yourself and to the world around you.

In case you do need help or an official or professional advice, you should always contact your doctor or own therapist and reject all unprofessional, conflicting information that can be obtained from the internet, including all information that can be found at this site, unless advised otherwise by your professional therapist or doctor.


Mooi Leven, by De Gans is aiming for a world filled with love and respect, in which people think carefully before they express their feelings. If any comment on this site, any written word is or could be interpreted as harmful to another person, it will be refused or removed by the site owner without any explanation. I would like to create a world in which people feel responsible, for themselves as well as for others. A world filled with refinement, hope, love, and a place for each beautiful creature and talent.

I hope everyone enjoying this site is willing to contribute to a loving, caring and respectful world. For human beings, for animals, for nature and for the entire earth we live on. Together we can make it happen!

Love, De Gans,
The Goose

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