Dancing together, alone…


In my own way

In my own rhythm

My own style…

So please let me free to dance my own dance…

You want to join me?

Just adapt your steps

And I dance with you

Together, adaptation from me

Adaption from you


Don’t want to adapt?

You want me to change my steps?

I think I will fall following only yours.

By following just your curves.

By following just your style…

Following….just following?

In that case, please let me go

I prefer dancing alone.

Take my own steps

Make my own decisions


Dancing together, or alone….

Please let me free to dance my own dance…

Adaptation, from me to you

Adaptation, from you to me…

Dancing alone….together…

De Gans

Feel free to dance your own dance…

Mooi Leven, by Hans de Gans has a page on Facebook and at Instagram, I would be delighted to meet you there.
“The Goose” also gaggles on Twitter and Pinterest from time to time.

4 thoughts on “Dancing together, alone…

  1. Beautiful! How about also, as in partner dancing, leading & following can be shared — & can go back & forth?

    1. That is the way it should be… This is the sad description of a dance with a narcistic person. In that way, whatever you do, you try, it does not help. Sharing is not allowed… Love ❤

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