Closed doors

Are closed doors meant for us?

I think they are not. Sometimes closed doors are simply not meant for us. Trying another one may give us so many more opportunities. Still, you have to allow yourself  to see them and to use them the right way.

It might need some experience to recognize the signs. A very simple one recently came to me in the form of a bottle opener. It was a promotional gift of an unknown company which fell out of a pile of waste which was supposed to be thrown away. When I gave the object a better look, I realized a very usefull address was printed on the other side of the opener. It gave me a solution for a problem I recently discovered.

Don’t worry about the way your life is going. It is ok. Signs are small, so keep your eyes open during your walk on the path of life. It will make your life easier, more beautiful. More comprehensible.

See the beautiful signs given to you and walk your own path of life.

De Gans


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5 thoughts on “Closed doors

  1. Die dingen zijn zo subtiel dat je ze 99% van de tijd gewoon niet opmerkt. Maar ik heb ook es gelezen dat we heel vaak zo van die mini-richtlijnen krijgen in het leven. Van wie of waar ze komen is een gans (;-)) andere vraag.

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