A cat sitting on my lap. Softly purring. Sleeping. Asking for a hug, Rubbing his cheek to my hand to say he loves me. Keeping me company. Every day. Showing me what really is important in life. It is not having money, No big cars, Not a big house with a large garden… But… Just to be loved. To be in good health, To be free. To be together, with


Hi….not so nice to meet you here… Why are you so dark? Why are you in my life? When I try to stay upright When I try to keep my head up When I try to stay where I am, When I try to … Let me reach for the next day. Let me reach for success. Let me reach for love Let me reach for a bit of happiness…

A rainy day

Soft gentle water is washing my face when I step outside. Picking some ripe tomatoes and cutting wispy branches, who respond by dripping icy water in my neck… I love those summer days when rain falls down. After some weeks of nice sunny, even very hot, weather, every year again a kind of desire to less light and less heat shows up in my mind. I love summer, I love

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