Real pleasures

The real pleasures in life come from small joys… My feet in the sea, the salty water tickling my toes, The wind softly kissing my cheek while walking at the moor, The rain washing away my tears... Read More

Can you see a leo?

Never try to look in other people’s hearts, and try to feel another’s feelings. Never judge the actions of another human being. You are you, you are not them. You only can feel for yoursel... Read More

Holiday season

Just thinking about the school year behind us, my child at school, the dynamical job of my husband, other things that happened in our life, as me starting blogging, for example. All forceful events t... Read More

Go Game….Go

Last week a new, addictive game was launched for our mobile devices. Called ‘Pokémon Go’. As my child loves playing games as well as playing outside in nature, between the trees and the animals, ... Read More