I am

I am me, and that’s all that I have got

Some people say I am arrogant. Some say I am cold. Some say I am too selfish, and some say I am not. Some say I am beautifulbut some say, no, you’re not. But me myself and I,is all that I have got… De Gans


Whistle in the Wind

Sometimes I wonder what I might hear. The wind in my hair, a drop falling down my cheek like a fresh cried tear. It’s just not real, not clear. But in the meantime, it really appears. It’s there, like a whisper in my ear. Just like a teardrop from a cloud which will appear like a whistle in the windand a whisper in my ear… De Gans


Again a moonrise

Moonrise … Feeling of eternity … Feeling of trust … In the universe … In the road that guides you in the darkness of your life. Trust that supports you in difficult times … And that makes the enlightened roads shine with the diamonds of your footsteps … De Gans Mooi Leven, by De Gans has a page on Facebook, I would be delighted to meet you there. “The Goose” also


Blue moon and the story she told me…

Blue moon… Watching over us, protecting us… Showing us, distances can always  be overseen with the energy of light.. De Gans   All pictures in this log are ©byDeGans. For more information regarding my pictures please read the disclaimer of this website.   Mooi Leven, by De Gans has a page on Facebook, I would be delighted to meet you there. “The Goose” also loves to gaggle on Instagram and, every now and then I will

A rainy day

Soft gentle water is washing my face when I step outside. Picking some ripe tomatoes and cutting wispy branches, who respond by dripping icy water in my neck… I love those summer days when rain falls down. After some weeks of nice sunny, even very hot, weather, every year again a kind of desire to less light and less heat shows up in my mind. I love summer, I love

Marije De Gans

Marije De Gans

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