Bloggers Recognition Award

Bloggers Recognition award

After posting the answer to point three earlier today, I will continue my post regarding the Bloggers Recognition Award and I will follow the rules as much as possible.

First of all, I would like to thank Patty from “Kruidroermenietje” for mentioning me for this challenge. I have ‘cut’ the honor in two separate posts, as one of the rules needs a big answer and I don’t want to scare off al my readers by writing long, unhappy stories. So let’s go ahead!

recognition-awardBy accepting this award, I have to follow those ‘rules’:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Attach the award to your post.
  • Write a brief story / history of your blog.
  • A take down of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers
  • Comment on their blogs to notify them of the nomination.

Well, regarding the brief story of my blog, which I posted earlier today, please click here to read my version of ‘brief’ and find out the real history after Hans de Gans, “the Goose”.

A take down of advice to new bloggers…. This is difficult for me, as I regard myself as an unexperienced and rather unconventional blogger, or writer, you name it. But however, always stay with your own belief in your own subjects and your own feelings behind your posts. Learn from other bloggers and follow as many of interesting blogs as you are capable of. Don’t be afraid to get some advice, even if you are not hearing the things you want to hear. They give you the biggest opportunity in growing, in refining your goals en in making more of your blog.
Furthermore, invest some time in reading, in your comments to other blogs and in appreciation and respect to your blogging colleagues. Personally, I always love to be liked and I love sincere comments.

old-1130743_1280If you are not sure of starting with your own domain, start at It’s very easy and low key. But if you, like me, or like Merel from LotusWritings feel the need of going more professional, don’t hesitate for ages, as it takes time to build a new blog, to get used to al sorts of technical challenges you will have to face, to move all your posts, and to convince your followers to come with you to your new area. On this part, don’t be humble and be a bit audacious in advertising for your new blog 🙂

I will not follow the rule by nominating 10 people. I nominated my most favorite blogs in another award post earlier this week, and I will not repeat my nomination. I will re-nominate you when I ever, ever will receive another award, I promise! But two nominations in the same week from the same blog seems a bit overwhelming, I suppose.

But, if you would like, please, I would love to nominate you. As part of my own story as written in my previous post is about the complication of becoming a mother with a body that does functionally not apply to the expectations of others (and yourself, for sure!) in todays society, I would be very happy if you take this opportunity by accepting the Bloggers Recognition Award. Please? 🙂

Another blogger I would like to nominate is Merel, from LotusWritings. She is also unconventional and just started her own domain, just like me. To be honest, she was the first to jump in at the deep end of her own domain and I am sure she also has lots of do’s and dont’s advices for new bloggers. Dear Merel, I hope you take this challenge by accepting the Bloggers Recognition Award 🙂

For now I stop nominating, as I will not put pressure to any blogging colleague in the holiday season. As a Goose I say it is time to relax.

Thank you all so much for reading me, for nominating me and for believing in me. It makes ‘The Goose’ so happy!

Have a wonderful evening!

Love, De Gans, Marije ♥

The Goose says ‘hi’! Photo by Steve Raubenstine, Doylestown/USA found on Pixabay.

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5 thoughts on “Bloggers Recognition Award

  1. Ik heb eigenlijk gemist waarom je dit logje eigenlijk in het Engels schrijft, ik volg je nog niet zolang
    Je tips zijn zinvol, ik schrijf nu anderhalf jaar en vind het meer en meer boeiend. Mijn wederhelft Mr B is de aanleiding waarom ik zelf een blog begon (maar dat is een lang verhaal).
    Ik hoop je nog veel te lezen!

    1. In mijn eerdere post (ook) in Engels had ik geschreven dat ik wat meer Engels zou schrijven (slechts sommige stukjes dan) omdat ik een aantal volgers en vrienden heb die geen Nederlands lezen. Ik ben nu wel benieuwd naar het verhaal achter jouw blog, en de rol van Mr.B daarin

      1. Mocht ik je persoonlijk leren kennen, dan wilde ik het graag met je delen. Maar het is geen mooi verhaal en ik wil het niet op het internet gooien, alhoewel iemand dat wel al gedaan heeft, alleen maar om zichzelf goed te praten.

        1. Sommige verhalen zijn niet mooi… Vooral verdrietig of anderzins pijnlijk. Mjn man zei bij het verhaal van gisteren dat hij het een ‘beknopte samenvatting van een gedeelte’ vond. Maar ik wil ook niet alles delen. Iedereen heeft recht op een eigen belevenis, ik zelf, maar alle anderen uit mijn leven ook. Dat respect gun ik ze. Daarom schrijf ik ook niet onder eigen naam. Zo is nooit iemand rechtstreeks te herleiden of te beschuldigen. Dat zou ik oneerlijk vinden. Al kennen sommigen mij natuurlijk wel beter, maar die weten dan ook de hele geschiedenis. Als wij elkaar ooit zullen ontmoeten dan hoor ik heel graag je verhaal. Lieve groet ❤

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