Always look at the bright side of life

Always look at the bright side of life.

Such a little expression, which is commonly known by almost all of us.

But are you looking at the bright side of life for yourself? I thought about it after an event that took place in my own life recently. You should always be so careful as lots of people aren’t the right ones to adress to for certain advice. Many people are very eager to chase away their advices, but are they the ones you should rely on?

Do you know those people, who always look at the dark side of your decisions?

After each announcement you make, very happy after a good period of thoroughly pondering and finally coming to a good decision, they start to enumerate all disadvantages your plans will reveal.

However, it is your own decision, and you certainly will not reconsider your plans, a slight shadow will fall over your future, in which you will start up making your dreams come to reality.

I have met lots of those people.

First they seem such good listeners and they seem to understand you so well. They are always at your side, ready to serve you any advice when needed.

However, when leaving them after you revealed your intentions to them, you feel the slight signs of dejection, or even depression, which are projected on you. Feelings you have after the encounter, but which are certainly not coming from your inner self. Their words keep on sticking at your back, offering you a feeling of discomfort you cannot get rid of easily.

Always look at the bright side of life
Some people try to create very dark clouds above the heads of others. Source Pixabay

A sense of dissapointment and discomfort.

Even when you really are certain of your plans, a little dark cloud is slipping onto your relieved sentiments.

So, you start pondering again, you just realise maybe you are about to take a substantial risk. And however, you are following your own heart, their remarks are making you less happy and certainly less confident about the steps you are about to take.

But it is your life. It’s not theirs.

Please keep that in mind. You are the one living it and no one else can do it. No one has the right to tell you how to live your life. Your life is yours and you’ll live it in your way. Remarks or even advices you didn’t ask for, or which are surrounded with negativity, should stay with other people, in case they block your dreams and in case they take away your good feelings about something which is important to you.

Their projections are only their own fears in their lives and in their heads, projected on you and your plans. It almost has nothing to do with your intentions and your life.

Always look at the bright side of life
Always try to create your own rainbow. Source: Pixabay

Don’t be afraid.

If you have a dream, and you are about to realise it, you should go and give it a try!

Always look at the bright side of life. Just try, and do not be afraid to take a risk. It is your life. Make your decisions after a good period of considering, by taking every risk into account, but never let go of any dream because you are afraid of the adverse effects other people are coming up with.

Fear takes away all your dreams, all your talents and all your goals. Especially if they are spoken by the ones you always trusted, but who, in reality only offer you the dark side of life by their only fears and experiences.

Always use your heart to follow your dreams, and sometimes ask your own mind to avoid really stupid decisions.

Don’t fear, just do.

De Gans


I am full of confidence


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9 thoughts on “Always look at the bright side of life

  1. Laat mensen praten en denken.. Ik maak me echt niet druk om wat andere mensen zeggen of doen. Ze doen maar.. Als je een leuk leven wilt kun je er een feestje van maken, maar je moet wel zelf de slingers ophangen.. zoiets als die prachtige regenboog..

  2. Again this is also a topic, where balance is required, I think. Is the advice really meant negative, or just a genuine concern someone has? Why does it feels offensive? True, there a people out there who only can see limitations and those people you better tell to mind there own business.
    Nice article again, Beautiful Goose. XxX

    1. Thanks for your comments. It is a delicate matter, I know. I just realised in the past year that some people really are only giving you their own fears and their impossibilities in life, without looking to the different perspectives between both of your lives. That is not bad, mean, or ‘stupid’, but it may pull you down and take away your own eagerness to do what you are able to. If people are just worried about you, or they are having experience in what you are about to do, they might come up with very good remarks and a well argued advice.
      Thanks again and big hug to you xxx

  3. My mom is like that. Always been. I’ve “allowed” her to take away some dreams.
    Not anymore, now she is the woman who’s married to my dad, the woman who cooked my dinner etc when I was young.
    And it’s okay this way!

  4. “De mens lijdt het meest…..bla bla bla…. ” je kent die spreuk wel…. al hoe nuchter we soms ook kunnen zijn, we zijn en blijven mensen met dromen die gekleurd worden door angst. Een aan-uitknopje zou geweldig zijn, dat ze dat toch nog steeds niet uitgevonden hebben ….


    1. Mijn vaders uitspraak als ik weer eens bang was om een stap te zetten. Mijn vader was een mooie Gans. Ik ben een workaround uit-knopje aan het schrijven. Als je het leest dan snap je het wel 😉 Knuffel xxxxx

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