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My name is Marije. I was born and raised in Drenthe and Groningen. After many years in the south of the country, me and my family returned to this beautiful northern part of the Netherlands. I live with my husband, our son and a few cats in a small farmhouse in the countryside.

What about a goose?

De Gans, (The Goose), is my alias. I see geese as a metaphor, as they show us their loyalty, team spirit, care and also attentiveness. I would like to present this weblog as a wake-up call to society, to shake up our uncompromising believe in only economical prosperity. In this money-driven world, it can be hard to stick to your own values and being true to yourself and to others as well. Moreover, I call up to remain critical with regard to the world around us. Stay close to yourself, but also close to each other. Only together we can make things happen!

My drive

Social concern, nature and spirituality are recurrent topics in my life, and so are they at this weblog.

Several life-experiences showed me life is about many other things than we grown-ups seem to believe it is. We keep on running after so called ‘happiness’, believing money and prosperity are key to this state of mind. To me this is nothing but a pipedream. Going on like this, we simply never will know what real happiness is about, nor wil we encounter a genuinely happy life or real satisfaction.

After years of working in a research and business environment, severe health issues forced me down. I felt the need to put my experiences in words and images to share them with people who needed a little inspiration or guidance after the challenges life is presenting us. I started as a Word-and-Image Artist and founded Mooi Leven, by De Gans.

No answers, but more questions are raised

Let me be clear: I do not pretend to know the truth. Because I simply don’t. And I don’t have the answers to our questions. This blog is meant to be supportive only. Or, yes, in fact, I would be happy if it raises even more questions! Because, it is not about finding the answers. It is the art of raising the right questions for yourself.

Some more about De Gans

If you want to contact me, please send me an email. Furthermore, I’ll invite you warmly to follow my weblog (leave your mail address in the checkbox at my homepage) and to connect on social media: Instagram and LinkedIn.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Marije, De Gans, “The Goose”


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