About feelings and opinions

Expressing your own opinion

Sometimes I do not understand other human beings. Why do some people always tend to overpower others by emphasising their own opinion? Even when using so called ‘alternative facts’, which are, clearly and proven, not completely right.

Meeting online

When blogging, you meet so many different people everywhere on earth, but most of them in the blogging world, really are beautiful souls and wise, loving, caring human beings. All with their own, personal, mostly beautiful opinion. However, I do not always feel the same as they do. And that is completely normal, as I am me and they are them.

Both opinions are ok. Feelings never can be incorrectly. I want to respect others and respect other man’s feelings forever. Therefore, I started blogging. To make the world a beautiful place with beautiful opinions and many, many different points of view and perspectives. Enriched, united with love and respect.

People who add something to your story

As a result, on Social Media, or other places and platforms, you digitally meet each other and, after a while, you’ll find yourself sharing events and opinions together. I really love this. Especially when someone is adding something to my story, or is refining my words. Or giving me a complete other perspective that I can use to improve my way of thinking. I adore those contacts. Thank you!

However, it might occur the one you are trying to connect and share with, clearly is not able to read and to ‘listen’ to you. Sometimes it looks like people are reading a complete different story then the story I originally wrote. Sometimes it is my fault, by being to woolly. I know that I can be woolly and I try to improve my precision.

But those misunderstandings…

But most of the times everyone understands my words, but just one person is placing the words completely out of context and suddenly I am in the middle of a conversation in which someone else is using his own experiences against me. In a complete improper or misconceived way. Then someone keeps on telling his story repeatedly from his own perspective ‘I know I am right, and I know that you are not right because….’  completed with a complete out of context personal experience used by kind of example to emphasise his vision. Which, for him, is reality, what I completely understand and accept.

But, and that is really a disappointment to me….not everyone is able to accept a different point of view and keeps on pushing and pulling you. Some people only are nice to you when you agree with them and lifting them up. But they become painful, injurious or offensive or even almost hateful in case your opinion turns out to be slightly different from theirs.

Sometimes it hurts

I want to stress that my own feelings are just mine. I try to open up my heart and I try to use the tools that I have to make the world a place where it is possible to share your own opinion without being condemned by others.
Mostly I keep on living and giving them their own frustration back or I simply do not react. I don’t want to be served with another man’s negative emotions any more.

I keep it outside my life. It is not mine, it is theirs

My opinion is just mine. Sometimes I am wrong. And in that case, I will bend my head and concede my fault. But sometimes it is just about feelings. Feelings never can be wrong. Me, you, we might misinterpret what someone is telling us, but our feelings are just right. They are there and they are telling us something about ourselves.

In the meantime, I would be happy to hear how you are coping with people who are offensive, injurious or even nasty on your blog and on other platforms, because they just have another opinion than you have. I would be happy to hear. So I can learn and grow. Thank you so much for reading.

De Gans

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7 thoughts on “About feelings and opinions

  1. I find this a very moving post, and a difficult one to comment upon. I have not been hurt through blogging, but through a church I attended for a number of years, after I voiced an opinion that was “different”. I was hurt, not because of the differing opinions, but because of the horrible things that were said to me, just because I didn’t share the majority (of the men anyway) opinion on this topic. Yet, and here I come to the point of your article, I was also hurt by my own attitude to these people who had scorned me. I almost became like them, in my scorn for their opinion. This was, for me, as disturbing as their scornful reaction to me. It was a painful lesson for me; to rise above criticism, “to go high when they go low” as Michelle Obama says. It’s a lesson I have to continually learn.

    1. Thank you Denzil, for your comment. I feel the same as you describe by the different opinion which makes you get hurt by the voice of another person. It is not the opinion that matters, it is the attitude, the way people that hurts you.” To go high when they go low….” Exactly. What a lovely woman she is! Thank you so much for your kind words and the beautiful quote of Michelle Obama.

  2. In daily life I find it really hard to cope with people who don’t respect boundaries, whether it’s your feelings, thoughts, privacy, body, whatever. My parents for example. And my sister. A number of collegues who indirectly drove me into my burn-out. Because they ignored my feelings. Abused my sense of responsibility for their shortcomings. Acts, words, lies, …, I’m not responsible for because they are theirs. So I try to keep them at a distance or have broken with them altogether. In blogosphere I haven’t really had these negative experiences yet. The majority of bloggers I meet are respectful and caring people. Whenever an exception arises, I either do not respond, do not dive into a discussion with them or I just turn to other bloggers who rightly connect. I don’t mind listening to and reading other opinions and feelings. In fact, it increases one’s empathy. But blogging is such a wonderful passtime, that I won’t let others spoil the joy and satisfaction I find in it. This may sound hard, but it’s what I’ve learnt from the stress therapy I had. And by the way … I enjoy reading your posts. Even if they are woolly! 😉

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