About a goosy garden

Springtime, throwback to my former garden.

As spring finally arrived in the Netherlands, I will post some pictures of our gardens from time to time.
We never had a very big one, but I always succeeded in making it completely mine. Or ‘ours’.
Today, I offer you some pictures of the flowers I planted in my garden in the south of the country. Hope you will enjoy it.

About a goosy garden: Rachaela
Our statue called ‘Rachaela’ (referring to the names of my brother and sister in law who gave her to us as a wedding present), standing between the white lilacs. I adore sitting at her feet and smelling the flowers.


About a goosy garden: roses
A rose at the side of our front door. Every visitor smells the lovely perfume of blooming roses.


About a goosy garden: lavender border

Our smelling border full of lavender. Rachaela is watching the garden at the back.

About a goosy garden: flower pot
Our flowerpot in the front yard. I used to fill it with a mix of several flowers, who were blooming all summer. In the autumn, I filled it with some colored moor, helleborus or Gaultheria, with its lovely red berries.


About a goosy garden: brocante and pottery
I love brocante and pottery, and you can find this kind of combinations everywhere in my garden. Love to decorate and re-decorate each season. For the record: the lovely seats are not very comfortable 😉

Looking forward to relaxing outside.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour in our former garden. The house is still for sale…. So if you are interested, please send me an email 🙂 Hope to give you an update of our new garden, which is still under construction by today.

Wishing all of you at the Northern Hemisphere of our planet a lovely summer (and all of you in the south…summer will return in a couple of months!)

De Gans


I am full of confidence


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6 thoughts on “About a goosy garden

    1. Mooi he. Hij staat nog te koop, inclusief huis We zijn teruggegaan naar onze roots, maar die tuin die mis ik wel! Dank je wel

      1. Heerlijke tuin (en vlinder) foto’s 🙂 . Ik hoop dat jullie nieuwe tuin ook zo mooi mag worden en dat je daar ook af en toe foto’s van wil laten zien. (Ik probeerde eerst te reageren via het veld onderin, maar dan lukt het niet, hoop dat dit ook okay is).

        1. Ik heb een vraag uitstaan bij mijn host, want het reageren is een ramp. Echt naar.
          We zitten nu in het huis van schoonmama, maar willen na de verkoop van ons eigen huis wel weer een grotere tuin. Want hier is het wel erg klein.
          Toch maken we er wat van en dat is wel genieten Lieve groet x

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