A rainy day

Soft gentle water is washing my face when I step outside. Picking some ripe tomatoes and cutting wispy branches, who respond by dripping icy water in my neck…

I love those summer days when rain falls down. After some weeks of nice sunny, even very hot, weather, every year again a kind of desire to less light and less heat shows up in my mind.

I love summer, I love those days when you don’t have to think about a coat, about a scarf to warm your throat when going for a walk. I love the warmth of a tender summer breeze caressing my sunburned skin.

But I also love autumn, in which the colors are so bright and the weather becomes so unreliable. And I love the winter with all its cosiness and log fires to warm my hands. And I love spring, in which life shows its energy and resilience when lovely smelly flowers start to bloom.

But today, I love the rain… I love ♥

De Gans


Mooi Leven, by De Gans vliegt ook op Facebook, gakt op Instagram en incidenteel verschijnt een quote op Pinterest. De Gans vliegt heel soms over Twitter.

6 Replies to “A rainy day”

  1. Marion Driessen schreef:

    Heel mooi, Marije. Het is mooi om lief te hebben.

  2. Zij schreef:


  3. @matroosbeek schreef:

    Verfrissend mooi. Ook de foto is prachtig!
    Vlieg met @matroosbeek mee naar… Paasmorgen in novemberMy Profile

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Marije De Gans

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