Thank you for the lesson

If you
leave me
hurt me
abandon me
harm me,
or distress me

I thank you for the lesson.

The Goose

Just a short note to self, to you, to the world. Everything what happens to you gives you a reason to grow. It gives you a reason to increase your experience in life. It is a lesson for you.

You can answer with rejection, abjection, hate or with incomprehension. But just to be thankful for the lesson will change your own life. As it changes your feelings, your attitude towards life.

I hope this will be a good quote for you to start the weekend.

The Goose

Picture by TanteTati, Kati, Niedersachsen/Deutschland @Pixabay

Photo in header by Efraimstochter, M W, Ulm/Deutschland @Pixabay

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