Summerquote: let’s quit negativity

Let’s quit negativity.

I want to start my English Summerquotes with a short one and I hope everyone will join me.

How about spreading a little more positivity? A bit more joy and laughter?

I wish you all beautiful and lovely summer-holidays.

De Gans

Summerquotes: Let's quit negativity
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3 thoughts on “Summerquote: let’s quit negativity

  1. Hmmmm I am a little hesisant… to quit with it seems like a good idea on first sight but…it is not.

    Being able to be negative every once and a while keeps our balance, which we need from one moment to the next. It also enables us to make the choise between right and wrong.. to appreciate those little things as much as you can (as I know you do) …

    I would rather suggest,,…focus on the positive but cherish the negative for all the leasons it teaches us and which we can’t do without.

    The one thing we should never quit is ♥ 😉
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