“Open your mouth only if what you are about to say is more beautiful than silence.”

We, human creatures, love to hear ourselves speak. We love to feel the sound of our voices in our ears. We admire the echo of the words that have been spoken in our heads. We never really live in silence. The whole world is buzzed with human voices. However, if I look at my cats, for example, they live in almost absolute silence.

Eyes closed. Their little pink mouth closed. There is no need for spoken words. Only a little inclination of a snore when changing position on a pillow before continuing their beloved sleep. When eating, the nibble of the crispy cat food is the only sound I hear.

When a human enters, cats start to speak. Meowing their opinion and expressing their need to be caressed, as most humans tend to ignore the classic, clear and most trustworthy expression of body language.

So…. let’s restart living in more silence. Let’s restart opening our eyes, to give all our senses the opportunity of being used properly. The world will become so much more beautiful. So much more coloured. So much more understood.

The Goose

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7 thoughts on “Silence

  1. 1. dit is mijn favo nummer:

    2. juist bij mensen waar ik stil kan zijn terwijl wij wel samen zijn juist, voel ik mij het meest prettig bij.

    3. Er is een prachtige kattenserie geweest van de BBC over onze huiskatten en daar leerde ik, dat katten alleen mauwen voor ons, als ze wild zijn, mauwen ze zelf nul…. ze maken geluid om onze aandacht aan te trekken, dat is een soort van aanpassing sinds de huiskat is ontstaan ooit.


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