Imperfections are perfect

“I love
your imperfections!”

~Hans de Gans~


What is perfect? What are imperfections? Isn’t it the case that so called imperfections and qualities combined together do make someone just the perfect version of the person he just is?

One of my cats, Qwerty, an adorable creamy furred boy, has big, round, beautiful golden eyes. But around his iris there is a little shade of green. For his breed, British Shorthair, it is ‘not done’ to have such a green shade when you have a creamy fur. He also has a problem with the auricle of his right ear what becomes a bit more knobby every year. But it makes him my Qwerty. For me, it makes him even more beautiful as he would have been without this ear, combined with the green shadowed look when glancing at me.

I love wrinkles. I love a little crooked tooth in a laughing mouth. I love those little, or even large, gray spots in the hair. I love my husband who has a very awkward spot on his forehead. I love my Qwerty with one knobby ear and his green shaded look.

I just love imperfections. It makes a difference. It is life. And it is just the way it has to be. Perfect, though 🌼

Love, Hans de Gans ❤

 My dearest Qwerty

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